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How is IELTS Speaking Test scored?

Updated: Feb 18, 2021

Are you aiming for a high score in IELTS Speaking test? The first thing to ponder over is how the IELTS speaking test is scored. One should understand the way this test is assessed. In this blog, you will find all the details of the scoring scheme of IELTS Speaking test.

IELTS Speaking scores are calculated on the basis of four criteria:

· Fluency and coherence

· Lexical resource

· Pronunciation

· Grammatical range and accuracy

You are given score ranging from 0 to 9 in each criteria. The arithmetic mean of these scores is then taken which gives you a final IELTS speaking test score. For instance, your score in these criteria are 7,8,7,7 respectively- the total score will be (7+8+6+7/ 4), which equals band score of 7. If your score is 7.25, it will be increased to 7.5. If your score is 7.75, it will be increased to 8. If your score is 7.1, it will be decreased to 7.

To obtain a high score, we should understand the criteria of marking. In fluency and coherence, you are marked on how clearly you express yourself. So, connect your sentences by linking words, giving details, speaking softly and smoothly. To top it all, use pauses correctly. Avoid self- corrections (too many times) and repitition. Lexical resource analyses the vocabulary used by you while answering the question of the examiner. To increase your score, use appropriate vocabulary and idioms. Next criteria is pronunciation. This takes into consideration how natural you sound. Speak the words clearly and stress on key words while giving relevant details. Grammatical range and accuracy tests how good is your grammar. Strictly avoid grammatical errors. The structure of your sentences should include passive voice and different tenses. The examiner should understand what you are speaking.

With these points in mind, practice speaking tests in front of the mirror to boost your confidence.

All the best!

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