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How to crack map questions in IELTS Listening?

Updated: Feb 18, 2021

IELTS listening section contains a task of map labelling that tests your multi‐tasking ability. Labelling a map not only involves concentration but also speed and accuracy. To master the map labelling task of IELTS listening section, here is a list of tips and tricks you must follow to enhance your IELTS score!

Firstly, you should be very clear about different directions. Some of the basic vocabulary related to directions is: at the top, on the far side, south‐west, slightly west of, in the middle, just past, anticlockwise, clockwise, diagonal from, adjacent to, walk by, go beyond, down there etc.

Now, let us look at the approach we should follow for reading and analysing the map to get an excellent score in IELTS Listening section!

1. Initially, check carefully the location of different numbers or letters in the map.

2. Read the map prudently and be wary about arrows, if drawn in the map.

3. Map recordings follow a logical order. Pay attention to it!

4. Make notes while listening and focus on the directions and names of the location. Don’t get distracted by the extra information.

5. The initial part of the recording will let you know where you have to begin labelling the map. Do not miss listening to it.

6. Be smart! If you have missed an answer you will come to know as the answers are in an order. So, go ahead confidently.

Hope this helps!

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